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Dedicating a connection to its Finnish heritage, Karhu places importance in highlighting historical national landmarks. It’s for this reason Karhu chose to travel to Porvoo, Finland’s second oldest city founded over 800 years ago. The city sits along Finland’s southern coast with the river Porvoonjoki flowing through the middle. For centuries, the city has served as both a home and source of inspiration for numerous Finnish artists. Porvoo’s most known attractions are the vibrant red shore houses once used to store merchandise and exotic delicacies from distant lands. As you walk the charming cobblestone streets, you’ll come across many restaurants, cafés, shops and museums. Porvoo is a perfect example of how gracefully the old can blend with the new while still retaining its own unique atmosphere. Karhu transfers the inviting look and feel of the traditional red houses and surrounding water into the design of two timeless silhouettes. The “Porvoo Pack” consists of the Aria and Synchron Classic each receiving distinct treatments. The Aria is full pigskin suede and perforated at the toe and on the “M-logo”. A speckled midsole adds detail on what was once a premium running model in the 90s. The Aria is dressed up in two bold colour ways associating back the historical town of Porvoo with rich o reds and deep blues and greens. The Synchron Classic is the second model in the pack which hits with striking colour blocked pigskin suede, original nylon mesh and the notable cross lace through the toe box. The Synchron Classic features an air-cushioning unit in the heel, which is visible on the outsole. The first colour way incorporates a brilliant Poseidon blue toe, black mesh and grey tones in the heel while the second colour way hits with o red tones in the heel and subtle greys through the toe and midsole.

Producent: Karhu
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